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We understand the specific challenges of Business Improvement Districts and deliver tailor-made solutions and best practices to address their specific needs. We help BIDs utilize Salesforce to manage their stakeholder groups and to implement efficiencies for communications, operations, reporting, initiative tracking, and marketing.


A Business Improvement District may have small staff strength to wear many hats and yet, should maintain organizational efficiencies. It becomes very hard to track engagement and outreach to so many varied stakeholder groups. Property tax and assessment rates of BID-boundary properties, keystone information for many BID decisions such as Board of Directors representation and revenue collection get often isolated in Finance department or within a single department or a staff. Recruitment, engagement, and contact information for key stakeholders such as Board of Directors, committee members, vendor and partner contacts, often get buried in spreadsheets or email inboxes. The leadership team typically has no visibility into the activities of other team members and resident and stakeholder interactions.


At CUBE84, we help them achieve Marketing automation and Website Integration by leveraging Salesforce and Pardot, and streamline strategic communications across various stakeholder groups. The analytics have improved their insights into stakeholder engagement. We help them in CRM Optimization to revamp their legacy systems by improving the user interface and simplifying the record structure and integrate the instance with existing systems. This has helped the staff to track key financial information like property value and tax assessment data at the property level. Cube84 provides strategic direction for company-wide policies and best practices, reinforced with a proper training and customized documentation for BID users. Cube84 operates as a thought partner to help BIDs to track their unique major initiatives, projects and programs with Salesforce suite of products.

We provide solutions that help Business Improvement Districts to

  • Send targeted emails to homeowners, businesses and residents within the community
  • Track engagement and outreach to varied stakeholder groups with marketing automation
  • Replace legacy systems with Salesforce solutions to achieve departmental inter-connectivity
  • Gather Analytics and make data driven decisions to increase community engagement

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Pardot Implementation

Rosslyn BID improved stakeholder communication and engagement by leveraging Pardot.

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Read Our Success Story

Rosslyn BID

Pardot Implementation

Rosslyn BID improved stakeholder communication and engagement by leveraging Pardot.

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