Ways to integrate Salesforce and NetSuite

There are a number of ways by which you can integrate Salesforce and NetSuite, however the following two are the most prominently used ones.

    Use a middleware solution such as Jitterbit and Informatica Cloud to integrate the two systems. The middleware solutions sit between the two platforms and acts as a universal translator keeping the two systems in sync.
    Build a direct integration by creating a custom web service using NetSuite and Salesforce APIs

Customer Success Story
PubKGroup, an online learning provider for government contractors, needed us to customize their Salesforce instance and integrate it with their NetSuite ERP solution, enabling automatic seamless movement of customer data between the two systems.
The marketing team at PubKGroup leveraged Pardot to do all of their lead generation and nurturing activities, while the sales team used Salesforce for prospecting, opportunity and contract management. After reviewing the clients existing processes and needs, we setup the integration to automatically push customer account and contact information to Netsuite. A prospect that is converted to a customer is moved to NetSuite, while a prospect that is dropped is sent to be nurtured in Pardot. A different approach was required for opportunities / sales deals. Opportunities were worked by Sales Rep through the various sales stages. When an opportunity was moved to stage “Closed Won”, the integration automatically triggers the creation of an Order in NetSuite. The order in NetSuite is then further processed by the fulfillment team and the accounting department.
All three integrations – accounts, contacts, and opportunities – were synchronized with updates pushed to NetSuite via SOAP calls every 5 minutes. Meanwhile, remittances – payments made to PubKGroup by its customers – were pulled from NetSuite to Salesforce on a regular basis.
Here is a list of all the benefits that PubKGroup was able to realize after integrating NetSuite and Salesforce

    • The integration allowed PubKGroup to leverage all of the best in class CRM features that Salesforce and Pardot offered, while continuing to use NetSuite for order processing, accounting and other ERP activities.
    • The integrated solution offered real-time data across both platforms and enabled PubKGroup to seamlessly track their entire operations from leads to opportunities to orders to fulfillment to billing.
    • The integration eliminated any manual entry and errors from the sales to the order process.
    • Sales teams are able to create quotes and sales orders in real time and sync all customer information and details across platforms.
    • Staff can automatically export information from either platform.

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