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Fishtree is an education technology company that provides educators with the digital tools to deliver engaging, personalized lessons in a collaborative learning environment.



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Salesforce & Pardot Implementation



  • Prior to the Salesforce implementation Fishtree ran all of their sales activities through spread sheets and emails. They were also using a third party CRM tool that proved insufficient for their growing needs
  • There was a lack of synergy throughout Fishtree’s team-based sales cycle, which led to difficulty in tracking the current status and ownership of opportunities in their pipeline. Management lacked visibility into the Company’s overall pipeline and sales.
  • Fishtree did not have a process in place to rank prospects based on level of interest and engagement shown, and as a consequence their sales reps ended up wasting time reaching out to uninterested prospects.
  • Fishtree had purchased prospect data from MDR but were unable to assign them to the respective sales reps and track progress. They lacked visibility into their Sales reps activities (Emails sent and received, phone calls logged and meetings scheduled).



  • Our CUBE84 team implemented Salesforce to support Fishtree’s unique sales cycle which included custom products, price books, multi-year deals and renewals.
  • Salesforce was set up to allow Fishtree to capture and track the products and SKUs that a prospect was interested in purchasing.
  • Our team identified and automated multiple processes within Fishtree’s sales cycle thereby increasing overall productivity.
  • The CUBE84 team custom built a pricing calculator page that enabled Sales Reps to efficiently search for Products, apply discounts and send quotes out to customers.
  • Reports & dashboards were created for individual Sales Reps and Sales Managers. This led to improved tracking of overall pipeline and sales, and provided better visibility into the activities of Sales Reps.
  • MDR prospect data was migrated into salesforce. A process was put in place to rank prospects and assign them to sales reps based on territory.



  • Fishtree now has a 360 degree view of their sales process– every interaction with every prospect is captured, bottle necks are easily spotted, forecasting is now more accurate and they are now able to identify customer’s buying trends.
  • Sales Reps are now more productive because of salesforce features such as canned responses, auto generated quotes, lead ranking and flexible discounting of products.
  • Sales management now has increased visibility into the activities of sales reps. They are now able to better coach sales reps on Fishtree’s sales process and track compliance and accountability.
  • Fishtree is realizing more sales wins because of ranking prospects early-on in the sales cycle.
  • Fishtree is now seeing reduction of average turnaround time of reports & forecasts by more than 50%
  • Fishtree is now able to send targeted and relevant emails to their prospects based on product interest and customer profile.

client testimonial

Client Testimonial

cube84 My experience with the CUBE84 team was nothing short of phenomenal. We were implementing a CRM for the first time and the team made the process very smooth and easy for us. They are not only extremely knowledgeable but professional and responsive. There is no question that we will continue to use CUBE84 moving forward and glad to have them at the ready. csat

CSAT Score: 10/10

Jen Burns

Vice President, Operations & Enablement.

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