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Total Rewards Software is a total compensation software that empowers companies to communicate the true value of total rewards to employees, new hires, and candidates.



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Salesforce Implementation



  • Only TRC’s sales staff adopted a portion of sales cloud. Previous implementation created a complicated Salesforce instance, very challenging for user adoption.
  • They were able to understand the extent of sales that had happened but no tracking and comparison on the sales volume for the various products.
  • A complicated product setup required TRC to invest more to correct past mistakes in order achieve the correct usage and adoption of their Salesforce instance.
  • There was no sales tracking in place to calculate the commission on each sale for the sales representatives.



  • We gathered their requirements and investigated their current system to guide them with customer segmentation and product sorting.
  • Created a clear process to track the sales pipeline for TRC to improve forecasting.
  • Implemented methods to help in picking up trends and patterns of product sales cycle.
  • Created dashboards and reports to track individual sales commission and performance.
  • We set up a flexible discount pricing at both project and product levels to achieve more sales.



  • The current instance has greater visibility, more details and identifiable data connections. It also paints a complete picture of how the data was gathered and what it is used for.
  • Reduction of average turnaround time for field reports by 50%.
  • Knowledge base articles (currently 200+) were being viewed regularly, and being tracked in salesforce.
  • Reduction of reports handling time by 40%
  • Data accuracy saw significant improvement.
  • Increased field visibility (more than 100 sales reps).

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