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ACD Systems is a technology company that creates digital image editing software.

ACD Systems


ACD Systems’ team wanted improve the quality of data and their Salesforce instance. They wanted to equip the sales team with accurate and reliable data in order to realize more sales wins.






Data Services


  • ACD Systems had over two million leads in their Salesforce instance. The sales and marketing teams were unable to effectively prioritize and work leads because the Salesforce database had many duplicate records and lacked relevant information to capture purchasing interests of leads.
  • Salesforce was not in sync with their e-commerce system. Sales reps had to rely on the ecommerce system to identify all the transaction history of the customer whereas they needed to switch to Salesforce to see the executed email campaigns and. Thus, they wasted their time working out of two systems to gather every touch point they had with their customers and prospects.


Cube84 de-duped and cleansed 2 million records in Salesforce across leads and contacts. The team migrated the historical purchasing transactions of customers from the e-commerce system to Salesforce.

Cube84 introduced new data points to capture more relevant data from the prospects early on in the buying process. The team also helped ACD better segment and classify leads and contacts in Salesforce.

Cube84 created reports and dashboards for the marketing and sales teams to track customer activity and purchasing trends.


With more reliable and contextual data in Salesforce, ACD sales reps are now able to better segment, target and prioritize their prospects and customers. This contributed to an overall increase in new and renewal sales by 7% for a six month period after the project completion.

With the new white space analysis report, ACD’s sales team was able to identify opportunities to upsell and cross sell their existing customer base.

ACD’s marketing team is now able to run targeted email campaigns based on location and product interest of the prospect.


Capitol Lighting

Cube84 succeeded where no one had succeeded before. Our database was a mess simply due to different people with different ideas about what and how Salesforce should be used. Cube84 has cleaned and streamlined it. They were very professional and project focused. I would highly recommend them. Yay we can run clean reports again!!!

Carol MacDougall
Business Intelligence Lead
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