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We understand how Educational Technology Companies go to market, sell and provide customer support. Our vast experience working with other industry leaders equip us to develop tailor made solutions and implement best practices to address your specific challenges.


The technology companies that cater to the education industry strive to address the digital need to scale the efficiency of personalized learning and utilize all the available mediums and devices for the virtual learning process. They get challenged in the migration of their prospect data and integration of the learning management systems with the CRM. It is quite inevitable for them to provide educators, a dynamic and time saving technology with all the tools under a single collaborative digital platform. They require an effective CRM like Salesforce to communicate efficiently with the network of administrators and educators. They need to streamline their cumbersome Sales process with proper classification, ranking and target the right prospects to achieve better visibility of their Sales teams.


At CUBE84, we understand the business of the education technology companies and we specialize in addressing their unique needs with the help of Salesforce products. We have been helping clients with tailor-made solutions to effectively manage their sales cycle by integrating the Salesforce with the Learning Management Systems. Better Sales visibility, Forecasting, effective Data management and automated processes in Campaign management have helped companies to establish a clear process and achieve increased sales. With Salesforce suite of products, we have helped them to solve their quintessential necessity to stay connected with their ever-busy educators and manage their relationships effectively.

We provide solutions that help Education Technology companies to

  • Communicate effectively with a network of educators and administrators
  • Migrate prospect data into Salesforce from data vendors such as MDR & MCH
  • Increase Sales rep productivity by leveraging workflows to automate the Sales process
  • Integrate Salesforce with Learning Management Systems

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Fishtree, an education technology company implemented Salesforce to improve Sales Rep productivity.

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