Your Salesforce, Our Expertise: A Perfect Partnership

Seamlessly enhance your Salesforce capabilities with our expert Admins, Developers, Business Analysts, and Project Managers. Skip recruitment stress, invest wisely, and access top-tier talent without long-term commitments or excessive costs.

When is Staff Augmentation Recommended for You?

Staff Augmentation isn't a one-size-fits-all approach but a tailored solution designed to address your specific Salesforce challenges. Consider Staff Augmentation when:

  • You have an immediate need for an experienced Salesforce professional
  • Your team wants access to a community of experts when questions arise
  • You need a versatile pool of skilled individuals to meet your evolving Salesforce requirements
  • You are seeking operational and financial flexibility without the long-term commitment of hiring full-time staff.
  • You want to ensure business continuity by mitigating the risk of staff turnover.

Why CUBE84?

At CUBE84, we transcend conventional staffing solutions. It is not just about filling roles; it is about strategically integrating expertise into your vision. Here’s why we stand out:

Technical Expertise

We deliver swift, cost-effective technical mastery. Whether your Salesforce needs require skilled Admins, Developers, Business Analysts, Architects, or Project Managers (PMs), we've got you covered.

A True Extension of Your Team

We strive to be genuine members of your team. Using your systems and processes, we stay immersed in your organization, in sync with stakeholders and organizational goals.

Collaboration & Analysis

We work closely with stakeholders, to understand needs and requirements. We ensure a thorough grasp of your processes and challenges, analyzing the pros and cons to deliver impactful solutions.

Monitoring and Reporting

Proactivity is our anthem. Our Engagement Managers (EMs) monitor the teams closely and continuously, ensuring seamless engagements. Feedback reporting is not a formality; it is our commitment to continuous improvement and creating a valuable partnership.

Synchronized Communication

The MyShore model guarantees you're never battling time zones and instead enjoy seamless, cost-effective interactions. The MyShore model is our innovative approach to global collaboration, strategically ensuring support during your business hours.

No-Risk Guarantee

In an effort to ensure that your business processes are unaffected in the event of turnover, we are well-staffed to backfill all positions quickly. We can also guarantee a continual backup for absences.

Impact of CUBE84’s Staff Augmentation

With CUBE84's robust staff augmentation services for Salesforce, discover how our expertise and tailored solutions can bring a substantial positive impact to your business while maintaining agility in operations.

Functional Benefits

Monetary Benefits

What Can You Expect with CUBE84’s Staff Augmentation?

Elevate your Salesforce initiatives with tailored expertise, seamless integration, and a dedicated team aligned with your business objectives for unparalleled success, without breaking the bank. Here’s how we do it:

Boost your Salesforce capabilities with CUBE84's Staff Augmentation solution.


When should I consider Staff Augmentation?
Can I handpick the professional(s) allocated?
Will the allocated personnel be available during my working hours?
Is it full-time or part-time availability?
Can I request a change if I encounter issues with a resource?
What happens if the assigned resource is unavailable?
How does pricing work?