Salesforce For E-Commerce Companies

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We understand how Educational Technology Companies go to market, sell and provide customer support. Our vast experience working with other industry leaders equip us to develop tailor made solutions and implement best practices to address your specific challenges.


In an ever-changing dynamic industry like E-Commerce, it is a vital requisite to maintain an effective management of Customers and prospects.

The industry demands a proper integration of all the available channels and a flexible CRM that can talk to all the other systems and departments. It becomes imperative to have a CRM that can be used on-the- go and communicate without even an iota of time delay. Equally, there should be ways to automate a huge set of communication, mailing and synchronize the transaction data.


At CUBE84, we help our eCommerce clients to implement Salesforce and Pardot instances to reap the best out of their Customer Relationship & Management efforts. We customize the existing systems, implement the right mix of products based on their business needs and optimize their Omni-channel campaigns.

It has provided them the ability to manage multiple sites and deliver the best user experience to their huge set of customers, with a spot-on Order Management system. Automate your Sales, Marketing and Customer Support; get deeper insights on your business data and customer behavior. We consult the right tools to start with, to make the right business decisions with customized dashboards and reports and extract the valuable predictive intelligence from your vast pool of stored data and eventually, to dive deeper and evolve continuously.

  • Leverage Salesforce reports to analyze consumer purchasing behavior & incorporate Predictive selling

  • Effectively market and merchandise your products with Omni-channel management

  • Manage multiple locations to provide a flawless Order Management System

  • Set up Service cloud to provide the best Customer Support experience

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