Salesforce Audit

Is your Salesforce instance operating at it’s fullest potential ?

Salesforce Audit

Assessment of your business process

CUBE84’s Salesforce Audit assesses your current business processes and how you have implemented Salesforce to support them. We identify your pain points, pinpoint features that aren’t being utilized and prescribe corrective actions to enhance your system’s functionality and drive user adoption.

Request a Salesforce Audit

Price = $500

Fixed Fee

We Will Help You Identify

Areas where Salesforce has been poorly configured to support your business processes.


Deviations from standards of maintainability and scalability.

Salesforce features that are underutilized.


Areas where best practices have not been implemented.

Quality of data and corrective measures. Data issues in Salesforce – duplicates and incomplete data

Recommendations to improve overall Salesforce configuration.

We perform the Salesforce audit in 5 steps



An in-depth discussion with you to understand your organization’s business processes, Salesforce goals and current pain points.


An assessment of your current Salesforce implementation.



Detailed report of our findings and recommendations.



A comprehensive roadmap to implement the recommended changes.



Our price estimate for implementing recommendations.

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