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Apryse: Estimated Project

Case Study

Seamlessly integrate fragmented data into a unified Salesforce instance within a tight timeline, ensuring operational continuity.

Achieving operational excellence with precise and efficient migration through flawless data management.


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Estimated Project


Sales Cloud, CPQ


High Tech

A global leader in document processing, Apryse offers advanced SDKs for dynamic document capabilities across all major platforms, supporting PDF, MS Office, and CAD formats, to enhance productivity and user experience.

    • Key Challenges: Fragmented data, inconsistent standards, tight deadlines.
    • Key Solutions: Synchronized migration, standardized and automated processes.
    • Key Results: Migrated 11,000 accounts, ensured 100% continuity.
    • Data Fragmentation: Apryse struggled with fragmented data across four systems, including legacy applications and Salesforce, leading to operational inefficiencies.
    • Inconsistent Data Standards: Difficulties with data normalization and business process mapping hampered seamless integration.
    • Tight Deadlines: The project required completion within a compressed 3-4 week timeframe.
    • Complex Coordination: Managing multiple parallel teams, including client-side and third-party vendors, posed significant challenges.
    • Unified Data Migration: Synchronized migration of all four systems, ensuring data consistency and integrity.
    • Standardized Data Processes: In-depth data analysis and business process mapping, adhering to best practices.
    • Automated CPQ Migration: Employed Data Loader for efficient migration of CPQ products.
    • Accurate Subscription Integration: Used proprietary data dictionary template for precise subscription data migration.
    • Accelerated Data Handling: Advanced data mapping accelerators for expedited data extraction and migration.
    • Seamless Data Unification: Successfully migrated 11,000 business accounts within the 3-4 week timeline, resolving data fragmentation issues.
    • Operational Continuity: Achieved zero production defects and 100% business continuity post-migration, ensuring seamless operations.
    • Future Engagements: Initiated discussions for implementing the Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) model in Salesforce, reflecting the successful collaboration and project execution.

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