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Green Path: Estimated Project

Case Study

Step towards digitization by enhancing and upgrading Salesforce functionalities to meet business demands.

Centralize partner data and automate workflows to boost efficiency and revenue.


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Estimated Project


Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud


Financial Services

GreenPath is a national nonprofit with 60 years of experience in financial wellness, providing resources to help people achieve their financial goals. They offer licensed services online, by phone, and in-person across the U.S.

    • Key Challenges: Disjointed data and manual workflows hindered processes
    • Key Solutions: Centralized data and automated operations
    • Key Results: Boosted revenue and enhanced efficiency
    • Fragmented Data: Poor management and categorization of partner data. 
    • Disparate Systems: Data spread across multiple legacy systems, lacking centralization.
    • Manual Data Management: Intensive manual efforts required for BAU activities on Salesforce.
    • Disconnected Programs: No synchronization between Partner Programs and customer data, increasing manual workload.
    • Low Partner Engagement: No centralized access point for partners, leading to subpar engagement.
    • Data Cleansing and UI Overhaul: Optimized and organized data, revamped Salesforce UI.
    • Unified Data Source: Retired legacy systems, centralized all partner data on Salesforce.
    • Process Automation: Implemented advanced automations to streamline BAU activities.
    • Integrated Data Management: Seamlessly integrated a bespoke customer data system with Salesforce.
    • Enhanced Partner Portals: Developed robust portals for improved partner experience and engagement.
    • Improved Data Quality: Structured data led to better governance, user experience, and compliance.
    • Operational Efficiency: Centralized data saved substantial human hours, reducing duplication and data loss.
    • Streamlined Processes: Automation reduced manual efforts, enhancing operational efficiency.
    • Accelerated Sales: Better data access reduced client interaction time and improved turnaround times.
    • Boosted Revenue: Enhanced partner portals improved engagement, significantly boosting revenue generation.

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