Case Study

Karuna Advisors: Managed Services

Case Study

Optimize Salesforce to support business processes

Custom lead conversion and dashboards replaced labor-intensive record sorting and lead conversion, boosting productivity and easing knowledge transfer.


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Managed Services


Sales Cloud


Financial Services

Karuna Advisors is a professional services firm focusing on tax compliance, consulting and family office management.

    • Key Challenges: Labor-intensive record sorting and lead conversion
    • Key Solutions: Custom lead conversion and dashboards
    • Key Impact: Boosted productivity, eased knowledge transfer

          • Laborious Manual Sorting of Client Records: Complex sorting of extensive client portfolios, including entities like trusts, LLCs, and investment accounts.
          • Manual Lead Conversion in Salesforce: Intricate conversion of financial leads, entailing detailed client financial profiles and custom records for tax planning.
          • Lack of Automation for Financial Processes: Entangled daily financial tasks, crucial for compliance, tax filings, and client financial management.

                    • Custom Financial Lead Conversion Process: Automated client onboarding and financial data integration.
                    • Personalized Financial Dashboard: Enabling wealth managers to effectively oversee client portfolios and financial product offerings.
                    • Comprehensive User Training and Alerts: Trained on intricate financial systems and alerting for crucial financial deadlines.
                    • Tax Document Automation: Streamlined generation of client-specific tax returns and estimates.
                    • Offline Activity Alerts: Alert system for crucial non-digital financial tasks and engagements.

                            • Customized Reports: Enhanced oversight on financial performance and client portfolio health.
                            • Personalized User Dashboard: Streamlined access to key financial data, improving operational efficiency.
                            • Automation Features: Significant gains in processing efficiency for financial activities like tax compliance and quarterly financial forecasting.
                            • User Training: More efficient knowledge transfer in complex financial systems and compliance requirements.

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