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MIURA is a leading global boiler manufacturer known for innovative, efficient designs and commitment to environmental protection, with LOW NOx boilers meeting stringent emission regulations.


    • Key Challenges: Disconnected systems led to manual call logging, data issues, and inconsistent telephony use.
    • Key Solutions: Integrated RingCentral with Salesforce, automated call logging, and improved activity tracking for accurate data handling.
    • Key Results: Enhanced operational efficiency, improved data accuracy, and increased user adoption.

    • Disconnected Systems: RingCentral was used without Salesforce integration, resulting in extensive manual call logging, inefficient data management, and process inaccuracies.
    • Missing Contact Information: Calls lacked customer details, making it difficult to track and respond, impacting customer service and support.
    • Inconsistent Telephony Use: Without full system integration, employees relied on varied telephony solutions, causing inconsistent processes and reduced CTI system adoption.
    • RingCentral Configuration: Set up incoming and outgoing lines, voicemail, and call redirection to streamline their manufacturing support team’s call handling.
    • Salesforce Integration: Integrated RingCentral with Salesforce for automated call logging and contact creation. Developed custom pages for seamless activity logging and automatic contact tagging.
    • Automation and Reporting: Automated activities for calls, voicemails, and tasks within Salesforce. Created detailed reports and dashboards to track call volumes, activity logs, and representative performance.
    • Increased Efficiency: Reduced manual tasks, enhancing team productivity and speeding up resolution times.
    • Enhanced Management: Comprehensive oversight with detailed reports and dashboards, improving tracking and management of activities.
    • Improved Data Accuracy and Efficiency: Integration minimized errors and ensured reliable data handling.
    • Improved System Adoption: The streamlined, user-friendly process increased RingCentral adoption, enhancing communication and consistency across operations.

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