Case Study

Pure Financial Advisors: Staff Augmentation

Case Study

Reducing technical debt and improving sales efficiency

Streamlining operations and elevating client experience


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Staff Augmentation


Sales Cloud


Financial Services

Pure Financial, founded in 2007, is a fee-only RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) specializing in retirement planning and tax-optimized investment management. Among the fastest-growing RIAs, it manages over $4.6 billion in assets.


          • Key Challenges: Resolve complex tech and data handling issues impacting Pure Financials' efficiency and accuracy.
          • Key Solutions: Implemented advanced data integration and automation to revamp Pure Financials' operational systems.
          • Key Impacts: Achieved enhanced sales efficiency and improved financial data management, resulting in better client services.
          • Technical Architecture: Inefficiencies in tech stack, negatively impacting financial processing and investment analysis.
          • Sensitive Financial Data Entry: Manual, error-prone entry of sensitive investment data, jeopardizing asset security and client trust.
          • Asset Management Team Productivity: Hindered by task redundancy and navigating multiple financial planning tools.
          • Quality Assurance: Lack of rigorous testing protocols led to disparities in modeling and risk assessment tools.
          • Investment Solution Accuracy: Inaccurate asset allocation and advisory solutions depressed sales.
          • Streamlined Lead Conversion: Integrated Einstein Analytics and Pardot with advanced email processing for efficient transformation of inquiries into actionable investment leads.
          • Financial Data Sync: Integrated Salesforce, Chili Piper and Outlook for comprehensive client appointment and portfolio management.
          • Automation and QA Improvement: Transitioned to flow-based automation with rigorous GitHub testing for enhanced financial systems integrity.
          • Advisor Meeting Console: Centralized tool access with an integrated meeting console for financial advisors.
          • Sales Team Efficiency: Achieved an 18% rise in productivity, streamlining manual processes in financial planning and client advising.
          • Lead Process Optimization: Enhanced financial lead handling for more productive client consultations.
          • Financial Sales Growth: Saw a 12% increase in sales, driven by precise financial solutions.
          • Data Management and UX: Improved system access and precision in financial data reporting, elevating the wealth management user experience.

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