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Vitrahealth: Estimated Project

Case Study

Migrating Salesforce Data to Azure SQL servers in 5 days.

Achieving flawless data migration under pressure for healthcare excellence.


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Estimated Project


Sales Cloud, MS Azure, SQL SERVER, Azure Data factory


Healthcare & Life Sciences

VITRA is a Massachusetts-based home health company offering financial assistance, resources, and services to disabled and elderly individuals in local communities.

    • Key Challenges: Overcoming imminent license expiry and complex data extraction challenges under a strict deadline.
    • Key Solutions: Executed a robust data migration strategy, enhancing coordination and communication to meet urgent deadlines.
    • Key Results: Secured data integrity and compliance, successfully delivering the project ahead of schedule.
    • License Expiry Risk: Vitrahealth was at risk of losing access to essential healthcare data due to the imminent expiration of Salesforce licenses.
    • Complex Data and Metadata Access: Demanded migration of extensive datasets from 163 Salesforce objects, including those from expired managed packages, complicating the extraction of vital healthcare metadata and posing significant compliance risks.
    • Urgent Turnaround and Evolving Communication Needs: A stringent five-day deadline required rapid data migration, demanding frequent and dynamic communication to keep all stakeholders aligned and informed.
    • Comprehensive Data Migration and Metadata Recovery Strategy: Implemented a systematic approach to efficiently handle the complex data transfer and metadata extraction, enhancing coordination and ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations.
    • Strategic Resource Scaling: Effectively increased resources and integrated additional team members to manage the project within the tight deadline, ensuring all necessary competencies and capabilities were in place.
    • Enhanced Communication: Provided regular updates that kept all stakeholders aligned and enabled seamless coordination under tight time constraints.
    • Successful Data Migration Ahead of Schedule: All critical data and metadata were securely migrated to the Azure database a day before the license expiration, ensuring no disruption to healthcare operations.
    • Compliance and Data Integrity Maintained: Achieved thorough compliance with healthcare regulations, with all data and metadata migrated maintaining their integrity and usability.
    • Project Delivered Ahead of Time: The project was completed ahead of the deadline due to proactive planning, resource optimization, and continuous adaptation to evolving project dynamics.

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