Salesforce Staff Augmentation

About Volta

Volta Charging manufactures and installs Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. As part of their unique EV charging offering, Volta’s stations enhance (advertise for) site hosts’ and strategic partners’ core commercial interests, creating a new means to benefit from the transformative shift to electric mobility.


Volta managed their entire business operation with Salesforce. However, their initial Salesforce implementation was error-prone and in-house staff faced a backlog of production support work and enhancement requests. Therefore, Volta chose to augment their team with a full-time developer from CUBE84.



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Staff Augmentation



  • Poor data management and structure led to compromised data integrity and duplicate entries
  • Lack of data unification negatively impacted the operations of multiple departments including engineering, customer service, sales, and finance
  • Numerous unnecessary and misleading backend triggers hindered day-to-day operations and adversely affected customer service performance
  • Key automation frequently failed, forcing teams to manually perform time-consuming tasks, prone to error
  • Several best practices had yet to be implemented

Our Solution

Within days of the contract being signed, CUBE84 dedicated a full-time developer to assist Volta with data cleanup and platform optimization. We implemented dynamic and data-driven processes, with a particular focus on speed, precision and reliability.

Implementation Highlights:
  • Icon Cleaned data by removing duplicate records and segmenting them based on user requirements
  • Icon Identified and corrected several faulty triggers, and initiated new triggers that enabled various automation features across their sales & finance departments
  • Icon Streamlined internal systems & operations through a simplified central dashboard to better facilitate sales & service team operations
  • Icon Set up customized automations for each department based on their process structure, reducing time spent on recurring tasks


Our detail-oriented approach resulted in increased platform efficiency and positive benefits to Volta’s business. Pleased with the work of our developer, they extended the Salesforce staff augmentation contract and expanded the team to seven CUBE84 Salesforce experts and a project manager. CUBE84 became an integral Salesforce implementation partner, helping Volta scale their environment to support increased productivity and business expansion into new markets.

Tracked & managed global sales activities
Automated multiple processes