Case Study

Volta: Staff Augmentation

Case Study

Optimize automotive advertising and charging infrastructure with strategic API integration.

Discover how we enhanced system efficiency and user engagement through refined API strategies and streamlined deployment processes.


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Staff Augmentation


Service Cloud



Volta, part of the Shell Group, pioneers in electric vehicle charging and media, enhancing EV infrastructure with its network of ad-integrated charging stations, benefiting retailers, advertisers, and consumers.

    • Key Challenges: Integration discrepancies, long development cycles, deployment issues.
    • Key Solutions: Fine-tuned API integration; introduced team protocols; revised deployment strategy
    • Key Results: Achieved targeted advertising and accelerated EV infrastructure development.
    • Complex Ad Server API Integration: Encountered bidirectional integration challenges with the ad server API, crucial for their automotive advertising strategy.
    • Unstable API Performance: Faced issues with API instability, affecting the integrity of crucial manufacturing data.
    • Global Team Collaboration Issues: Struggled with coordinating efforts across global teams, hindering timely product development and deployment.
    • Charging Infrastructure Deployment Concerns: Faced complexities in rolling out the EU Charging solution, essential for the expanding electric vehicle infrastructure.
    • Enhanced API Strategy: Fine-tuned API integration to boost data exchange and ad targeting.
    • Validation Protocol: Implemented strict testing to assure API reliability and compatibility with manufacturing standards.
    • Team Synchronization: Established protocols for improved global team collaboration, essential for timely automotive and energy innovations.
    • Charging System Deployment: Crafted a meticulous deployment approach for charging infrastructure, focusing on energy consistency and efficiency.
    • Digital Advertising Precision: Refined ad delivery mechanisms, bolstering user engagement and targeting accuracy in the automotive sector.
    • Manufacturing System Integrity: Secured API stability, enhancing real-time data fidelity and operational reliability in manufacturing workflows.
    • Accelerated Product Time-to-Market: Improved inter-team synergy, reducing development cycles and hastening market entry for automotive and energy innovations.
    • Charging Infrastructure Reliability: Ensured seamless charging system integration, reinforcing energy distribution resilience and electric vehicle support.

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