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Azubu is a global broadcast network, delivering premium live and on demand eSports action, programming, news and analysis.



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  • Azubu’s userbase has been growing rapidly. All their customer issues cannot be addressed in time.
  • Azubu has retained a stable marketshare. The immediate challenge is how to strategically differentiate itself from its competitors.
  • Azubu decided to provide extensive customer support for its users and become the first broadcast game site to do so.



  • CUBE84 set up a live chat system for Azubu, supporting 30 agents simultaneously.
  • CUBE84 developed Azubu’s customer portal to support its 40,000 userbase.
  • We migrated their archived articles into Salesforce knowledge base, creating a fully updated and functional e-library that is available for all customers to troubleshoot their own issues.
  • Our team configured case management with automated workflows, SLAs and alerts – ability to create support cases – created distro lists via email – auto generated a ticket – a support tab on their website – social media integration – twitter, fb- tags automatically generated a help tickets
  • Set up Salesforce service cloud in a way to provide the entire customer service experience.



  • Azubu, being the first-mover to provide such world class customer support has became much more robust and competitive.
  • 6 months after completion of the project, the customer retention of Azubu has increased by 20%.
  • Knowledge base articles (currently 200+) were being viewed regularly, and being tracked in salesforce.
  • Social media activities increased by 50% once the users realized that Azubu has became more responsive and customer focused.
  • Due to the success of the customer service platform, Azubu built a successful business model: Premium members received full fledged customer support with faster SLAs and prioritization by urgency of the issues. Regular users received standard customer support. This membership upgrade was able to bring in additional revenue to Azubu.

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