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Azubu is a global broadcast network, delivering premium live and on demand eSports action, programming, news and analysis.



Azubu wanted to deliver timely customer support for its growing user base. The company wanted to position itself as a market leader to provide customer support through multiple channels and stay ahead of its competitors.



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  • Azubu’s user base was growing rapidly and end user issues were not being addressed timely and systematically. Their process of managing user issues by email was not effective and scalable.
  • They were not able to track customer satisfaction and needs because of not participating in related conversations taking place in social networks and other forums by their users.
  • Lot of their customers looked for immediate help to ensure that their device was able to broadcast content. Azubu being unable to provide customer support resulted in losing sections of the user base to their competitors.


Cube84 developed a branded customer community for Azubu that allowed customers to create and manage cases, initiate chat sessions, read company news & updates and knowledge articles.

Cube84 set up a live chat system for 30 chat agents with the ability to handle 180 simultaneous chats. Chat agents were able to leverage features such as Chat routing based on skill level, canned responses, chat transfer and supervision.

Cube84 integrated Azubu social media accounts with Salesforce that allowed customers to submit cases/ support tickets via Twitter and Facebook. Service cloud was setup to enable Azubu support reps to manage and work cases by leveraging features such as automated workflows, SLAs and alerts.

Azubu’s knowledge articles were migrated into the Salesforce knowledge base, creating a fully updated and functional e-library. Customers were able to troubleshoot their issues on their own by having access to more than 300 knowledge articles.


Azubu was the first amongst its competitors to provide real-time customer support across various channels for its user base of 80,000. This helped the company to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Within 6 months of project completion, Azubu realized 20% increase in their customer retention rate.

Their customer community allowed Azubu to engage more actively with their user base. Social media activity increased by 50% which increased the company’s brand recognition.

The knowledge articles helped customers troubleshoot issues by themselves which increased case deflection by 5%.

The success of Azubu’s customer support initiative resulted in management building a new revenue stream by selling premier support to different tiers of membership. This eventually helped Azubu to bring in more revenue by urging members to upgrade their membership tier.


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Cube84 helped us implement Service cloud to provide customer support across multiple channels. We now deliver a great service experience to our customers by taking advantage of features such as web-to-case, Live chat and knowledge base. Cube84 Consultants were fantastic at managing our project end-to-end and thanks to them we are now able to stay ahead of our competition.

Toni Shaw
Customer Support Manager
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