Pardot Quickstart Implementation

Implement Pardot in just 20 Hours

Are You New To Pardot?

Are you looking to quickly start your digital marketing journey in Pardot? We offer an affordable quickstart package that will help you get up and running in just 20 Hours.

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How We Do It?

The following are the steps in our process

STEP 1. Requirements Gathering

We will provide an easy to fill requirements gathering template that will capture all quickstart components. We will setup a call to understand your short and long term goals and walk through the filled up template.

STEP 2. Technical Setup

Once we’ve understood your business, we will configure Salesforce accordingly. The Salesforce QuickStart package will include configuring the following components.

  • Implement email authentication for high email deliverability
  • Create vanity tracker domain (CNAME) to mask Pardot hosted links
  • Setup IP whitelisting
  • Implement tracking codes for pages that you want to track visitor activity

STEP 3. Integration and Data Import

We will integrate Pardot with Salesforce and add the pardot related fields to the Salesforce leads and contacts pages. We will add up to 20 custom fields in Pardot and set their sync behavior. We will perform the first import of all contacts from Salesforce into Pardot. Additional data can be imported but will be charged separately.

STEP 4. Marketing Automation Assets

We will create training documentation focused on your business processes using screenshots from your configured Salesforce instance. The documentation can be kept as a reference and be used to train new employees.


Email Templates (2 Nos.)
Template / HTML to be
provided by the Client

Forms (2 Nos.)

Scoring and Grading

Nurture Campaign (1 No.)


Landing page (1 Nos.)
Template / HTML to be
provided by the Client

Website page tracking(10 pages.)


Mailing Lists (5 Nos.)


Automation (10 Nos.)

STEP 5. Training

We will provide training on the Pardot configuration for 2 hours, Additional training can be provided as needed and will be charged separately. See our Pardot training package for more details.

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