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Pardot training

Do you have Pardot implemented but need help with training your staff? Choose our standard training package or pick only the topics that you would like to get training.


Standard Package

15 Hours $1875

Fixed Fee. Valid upto 3 months


Custom Training Package

Charged @$150/hr

Valid upto 3 months

What does the Standard Package cover ?

We provide hands-on training on the following topics –

  • Who is a visitor and Prospect in Pardot and how does Pardot track them?
  • Data collected for visitors and its limitations
  • Methods for a visitor to become a prospect.
  • Overview of prospect record and related tabs

  • What is a Pardot campaign and its difference with Salesforce Campaign?
  • What metrics are tracked for campaign reporting?
  • How can you track ROI of your Pardot campaigns?

  • What is Scoring and Grading?
  • How to automate scoring and grading?
  • How to apply scores based on categories?

  • Distinguish the capabilities of each list types and how to create different types of lists.
  • Use cases for lists
  • Given a scenario, apply the appropriate list management process.
  • How to add prospects to the lists?

  • What is an automation rule and how to create it?
  • What is a completion action and how to create it?
  • What is a segmentation rule and how to create it?
  • Given a scenario, determine which automation tool should be used.

  • How to create an email template and its application?
  • How to execute an email campaign?
  • Testing an email template and mass email
  • Recipient list and suppression list
  • Various metrics shown in Email reports
  • Email preference page and unsubscribe
  • Overview about IP warming

  • Difference between Pardot hosted forms and form handlers
  • How to create a form and form handler?
  • Progressive profiling
  • Metrics captured in Form reports

  • How to create a landing page?
  • Scenarios to use a Landing Page with and without a form
  • Completion action triggers on a landing page
  • Metrics captured in Landing page reports

  • What is an engagement studio and its use cases?
  • How to build a drip campaign using engagement studio?
  • Test and view reports of the drip campaign

  • How to create and use Custom redirects?
  • How to create a dynamic content and use them?
  • Files storage and limitations
  • How to use tags?
  • Capabilities of and use cases for Page Actions
  • Social posting

  • List the objects synced between Salesforce and Pardot.
  • Walk through and links to install Pardot connector and package in Salesforce
  • Steps to perform in Salesforce to fully utilize the tight integration
  • Main components of the Salesforce connector.
  • Describe the field mapping process.
  • Describe the capabilities and limitations with field syncing.

  • User management
  • Different types of roles and how to create custom roles
  • How to update the email domains associated with the account?
  • How to create a vanity alias?
  • How to whitelist an IP?
  • Explain how to create, edit, and map custom prospect fields.
  • How to import prospects into Pardot?
  • Describe how the recycle bin manages Pardot assets.
  • Best practices to administrate Pardot

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